Distinctive qualities of Siberian Qi Gong

Multiple teachings describing how to cultivate, manipulate and use the human body's energy exist on Earth. Some of them are popular, well known, and easily available: Yoga, Qi gong, Tai Chi, Chinese medicine... others are more mystical, complex, hidden, less known.  

Many of them lead man to a personal development in a positive way… but a few are less positive.

Some are very well structured and logically explained… others are irrational and spontaneous; it’s even difficult to say how they are transmitted from one generation to the next.

Some of them come from ancient times… others are formed relatively recently.

Some use religions as their basis… others are independent or adapted to local beliefs.

Some of them are being analyzed by modern science… others are too unimaginable, incredible, and incompatible with a materialistic understanding of the world.

However, despite such a large diversity, these are only facets or fragments of knowledge as a whole. So “Facets” or “Fragments”? Considering them as “Fragments” we separate all those teachings, we frame and label them, thus creating even more barriers between them. Considering them “Facets” we understand that each facet is a part of the whole. Although some facets may be lost, hidden, or impossible to understand, the absence of "blinders" and mind barriers are the minimum requirements for any real progress.

Siberian Qi Gong, created over 50 years ago,  is a fusion of multiple cultures (within Siberia and beyond) that manipulate the energy of the human body.  Thus this practice was influenced by the techniques of many esoteric cultures, including Siberian shamans and modern homeopathy, Ayurveda, Indian and Tibetan Yoga, popular healers, Chinese Qi  Gong, modern Taoist knowledge that was banished from China in the second half of the 20th century.


Founding masters of Siberien Qi Gong, Victor and Marina Zalojnov are rare people who are able to see and feel the energy in various details, understanding both beneficial and negative impact. For example, although students asking personal question about health, or even situations, don’t even bother to describe their problems completely, the answers are surprisingly precise anyway. Victor and Marina traveled extensively in Siberia and China, gathering disappearing traditions of popular healers, shamans and Taoist monasteries. They analyzed various ancient energetic and esoteric teachings, traditional medicine and the opportunities of their application  in modern life.

Such work requires a deep understanding of the world of energy and information. It resulted in a huge accumulation of theoretical and practical knowledge that became a the foundation of modern Siberian Qi Gong.

20 years ago, this work continued in France. Three books have already been published. Over a hundred of training workshops and seminars have been organized to share the information with European seekers. In order to promote this teaching, the “International Federation of Siberian Energetic Arts” (fiaes-qigong.org) was created in Paris 10 years ago by enthusiasts who practiced Siberian Qi Gong. Another association “Art of Energy” made available on the internet video courses and a great amount of surprising information related to Qi Gong and Siberien Qi Gong - related issues from the work of Victor and Marina Zalojnov (qigong-zhen-pai.com, in French and in Russian).

Now we are pleased to present Siberian Qi Gong in English, to help people to understand the various nuances of their body's energy, and to use it for their health and for their personal development.


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Qi Gong vs Shamanism

Conference of Victor Zalojnov
Quillan, 2014, France


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