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Zhen Paï and Siberien Qigong

A synthesis of diverse Energy Arts with Chinese Qi Gong and Taoist traditions

Its principal idea is to enhance the capacity to feel the energy that is present in each one of us, so that manipulating all its diversity becomes evident and clear, almost material.

To feel, to distinguish and to develop the energy within and outside of the body,as well as in nature that surrounds us.To use it for your health and for your personal development. 

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Background and History of Siberian Qigong

 Siberia, includes huge expanses of steppes, the impenetrable undergrowth of the Taiga, infinite diversity of nature, incredible multitude of colors. It is a Promised Land, full of life, calm and wisdom. Its endless spaces have always awakened man’s desire to create a majestic and durable masterpiece that transmits this earth’s respiration, the rhythm of its austere, silent, and richly powerful nature. 

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Introduction. Our perception of the world


    What makes up the world as we know it? It is perceived through our senses. But our senses are like narrow rays of light that brighten the world to a limited extent. The narrowness of our perception creates barriers, separating us from certain aspects of our environment. We cannot hear ultrasound, and we can see neither ultraviolet nor infrared rays, but that does not mean that they do not exist. We perceive only partial manifestations of the world around us.

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1. The Universe: an energetic ocean

Everything around us is composed of energy, and although science has invented different instruments that measure energy’s fluxes and specters, what theses instruments measure is only a minute part of the energy field around us. Thousands of energetic fluxes constantly mingle, collide and enrich each other: they change, gaining strength or being destroyed, and these interactions cause new currents, new pulsations, new energetic configurations.

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2. The Human Energetic Body

As previously mentioned, humans are composed of both matter and energy. Each individual, therefore, has both a physical and an energetic body.

The Physical body, with which we are familiar, is made up of bone tissues, organic and muscular tissues, and fluids that nourish these tissues and keep them alive.

The Energetic Body, which may be less familiar to us, is twofold – internal and external. The internal energetic body comprises energetic centers and channels inside the physical body and the external energetic body comprises centers and envelopes surrounding the physical body.

The Internal Energetic Body is composed of centers that gather energy and channels that transport it in the same way as the veins and arteries irrigate the physical body.

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3. Life: An Energetic Creation

A man’s life involves the permanent creation of new energetic environments. Ceaselessly we use existing energy fields, and by blending them we spontaneously create new ones. For instance, when the sculptor works with stone, he or she changes the matter’s energy field, transforming its vibrations and density. An entirely new energy field is created, which will have a different effect on the spectator’s cocoon (the entire energy field of the individual or the object) than the uncut stone. Both perception and vision are altered.      In “fabricating” an object, man manipulates the surrounding energy: through the “fabricated” object he connects parcels of energy that were separate and distinct beforehand. He thus creates a structure in which the different energy fields of each of the components are assembled, and each component, no matter how small, will influence the whole.

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4. A state of permanent tension

In our complex and frenetic era, man is so absorbed by his daily problems that his answer to the classic question “How do you feel?” is “I don’t feel, I don’t have time!” This attitude towards oneself and one’s body seems normal as long as the body functions normally, but as soon as one gets sick, the body comes to the foreground, supplanting all else. Man only thinks about his health when he no longer has it. 

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5. Energy and Information

What is behind these two notions, energy and information? If energy is a mass without form, its form is provided by information.  Information is an element without force - without energy. It is a passive element, but one which, as soon as it is linked with an appropriate energy spectrum, starts activating its capacities in order to give form toand to transform this energy. Thus there existsa perfect dialectic rapport between them.


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