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Zhen Paï and Siberien Qigong

A synthesis of diverse Energy Arts with Chinese Qi Gong and Taoist traditions

Its principal idea is to enhance the capacity to feel the energy that is present in each one of us, so that manipulating all its diversity becomes evident and clear, almost material.

To feel, to distinguish and to develop the energy within and outside of the body,as well as in nature that surrounds us.To use it for your health and for your personal development. 

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3. Life: An Energetic Creation

A man’s life involves the permanent creation of new energetic environments. Ceaselessly we use existing energy fields, and by blending them we spontaneously create new ones. For instance, when the sculptor works with stone, he or she changes the matter’s energy field, transforming its vibrations and density. An entirely new energy field is created, which will have a different effect on the spectator’s cocoon (the entire energy field of the individual or the object) than the uncut stone. Both perception and vision are altered.      In “fabricating” an object, man manipulates the surrounding energy: through the “fabricated” object he connects parcels of energy that were separate and distinct beforehand. He thus creates a structure in which the different energy fields of each of the components are assembled, and each component, no matter how small, will influence the whole.

Every activity, from preparing food to scientific discoveries, involves the creative process of forming energy clots, which act upon an individual’s cocoon, but also on that of society and on the entire informational matrix of the universe.

What attracts man’s attention is less the object itself than its energetic quality.  When he uses this object, man actually uses its energy, without necessarily being conscious of doing so. Thus when we throw an object away because we are bored with it, it is because its pulsations are too familiar. Or if it seems worn out, it is often because its energetic force has already been consumed, and we are discarding something “empty”. If  we acquire a new object, its unusual pulsations will add movement to our cocoon: thus we renew our own cocoon (more or less in different areas), and we transform the links among our various inner energetic fluxes, at the same time renewing our environment. Likewise, when we move objects, we influence the fluxes and create unaccustomed movement which gives impetus to our own energetic vortex. In this manner we can create new environments more propitious to our development.

But we are not alone, and by our multiple contacts with others we are subjected to countless energy vortexes that interact with us all the time.  From an energetic point of view, if we are strong enough (if our vortex rotates faster), we subject the nearby fluxes to the direction of our rotation. Otherwise, we adapt ourselves to the direction of their rotation.

We have seen that even a slight contact between two entities (objects, people…) establishes a link between their energetic substances and provokes an energetic transformation.  Thus even our most trivial action has energetic repercussions and consequently establishes an energetic relationship of some kind with people or objects. We must ask ourselves, then, what kind of energetic transformation results from our interactions with another person, or from two widespread ways of exchanging, words or money. 

Giving someone a present means offering a fresh vortex, an energetic cloud that enters the person’s energetic spectrum, activating his or her cocoons. Through a boomerang effect, depending on the person’s reaction, a pulsation will activate the giver’s energy field. This is the pleasure of giving, whose intensity depends on the quality of the reaction received. It’s a case of mutual activation and enrichment that encourages further energetic encounters. If the gift does not resonate with the person, it will not provoke a reaction, and consequently there will be no energetic exchange.

When we meet a new friend, we are interested and we feel a need to communicate. We get to know one another cautiously, and then we reinforce and enrich each other as we constantly adapt our energetic vortexes. As long as new data intervenes in the relationship, adaptation is necessary. But what happens if this adaptation des not take place?

If the exchange was balanced, we will simply lose interest in each other because we receive nothing new. But in the case of an unbalanced relationship, the energetic cloud that reinforced and gave momentum to the other one, that nourished it without receiving adequate return, distances itself intuitively, even if the energy it “gave” was excess energy. As for the one who received a powerful impulse, he will either distance himself also, since the ties have changed, or more often, he will try to continue to take advantage of the other’s potential. [In fact, when we encounter a stronger energetic mass, whose vortex has a very particular rotation, we spontaneously manifest an energetic “vampirism” to be able to use the other’s energetic force, no matter how good our upbringing.]

Thus should we “inherit” a leech, if we are strong and dynamic enough, we can reject it, and we will receive in response a flux of negative emotions: anger, hatred…(these have a coarse energetic spectrum that dirties our cocoons). On the other hand, if we are not able to rid ourselves of the leech, sooner or later we will lose our own energetic personality, becoming a copy of the other.

An another example, let’s take a dynamic person whose behavior is normal, but who surpasses stereotypes, with a spark and a dose of originality that distinguishes him or her from the crowd. Such a person will evoke a series of very different reactions. By virtue of his or her dynamism, the person draws the attention of others, thus absorbing a large number of fluxes and pulsations from energetic structures that may be either harsh or mild. Some reinforce the person, increasing both activity and optimism (optimism softens the contact with energy). Others act negatively, either from the inside, by poisoning the person and dissolving the force of his or her energetic ties; or from the outside, as a muddy, inert portion of these fluxes envelopes his or her energetic structure like glue and intoxicates it. Or in an extreme case, those who know how to aim their destructive force will strike this person, trying to demolish his or her cocoon, as a branch would destroy a spider’s web. This last type of energetic action is known as casting a spell, or bewitching.

This type of energetic hit pierces the energetic vortex of the victim, provoking a reaction that depends on the force and potential of the person’s cocoon. If the individual has a sufficient stock of personal energy, his or her vortex will reject and rid itself of this burden. But if his or her energetic activation is not strong enough to repulse the intrusion, the dirtiness will collect in the envelopes, acting negatively on his or her physical body and general condition. The consequences will depend on the attack’s strength and force of inertia and on the density of its energy. As they accumulate, the toxins encumber the energetic vortexes. The more often this phenomenon occurs, the more dirt accumulates and the more difficult it is to clean up. The presence of toxins in the cocoons can manifest itself as increased passivity, a negative general state, a desire to isolate oneself, and thus this may result in the absence of the three corollaries beneficial to energetic exchanges when vortexes meet: mobility, stimulation, and vitality.

With age, the speed at which the individual’s energetic vortex rotates decreases progressively until it becomes almost inert. Little by little the cocoons are invaded by “old things” that encumber and weigh them down, such as habits, or links that are inactive or void of energy. And this is apparent in the individual’s relations with the outside world. We can see that old people are often annoyed by youths. This impossibility or difficulty in accepting innovations or anything that would activate and shake up the increasingly inert mass causes the person to want to withdraw into his or her small world. This world’s internal rhythm depends on the capacity of its vortex, and the end result is total inertia, emptiness and death.

There are many ways to prolong a vortex’s rotational activity, and people use them intuitively when the weight of the toxin becomes intolerable. If a husband pays less attention to his wife, taking her for granted, the wife, if she cares, would change her hairstyle, her clothes or her behavior, thus creating new fluxes that will attract her husband’s energetic activation into her mobile energy field. Creating new fluxes is a positive action, attracts attention, solicits interest, and can lead to renewing the relationship. (And the same is true, of course, for a wife who loses interest in her husband.)

Sudden changes in one’s activities, situation or life rhythm force our inner energetic structures to look for ways to adapt to these new conditions, to be flexible and activate one’s energetic resources. Some people use conflicts to provoke an abrupt, tempestuous shock between their cocoon and another’s, taking advantage of the relief when part of the dirtiness accumulated on their envelopes disappears as a consequence.  During the encounter the envelopes unfurl and receive a new dose of fresh energy and of information, even though most of them still bear the dirt that was at the origin of the action. After a certain time, adaptation occurs, resulting in less movement within the cocoon, and the need for a quarrel reappears.

Other kinds of  “stress” can be provoked voluntarily to renew the cocoon’s energy, not through a brutal shock with other people, but through intentionally created extreme conditions that first influence the physical body: sports, a cold shower, a Scottish shower, walking barefoot in the snow or on hot coals, to name only a few. The idea is to influence the energetic body thanks to a physical and psychological jolt, which will in turn reinforce the three bodies (physical, psychological and mental).

In the energetic world, among the incalculable number of potential or existing liaisons, man is an active element, a dynamic participant. Money is one of the means through which he provokes the concretization of these communications. Money is in fact one of the universal torrents of energy, a sort of key that allows one to enter into resonance with almost any structure and to activate its cocoon, thus creating new configurations of energetic vortexes. By using this possibility of resonance, man can create a better layout of the surrounding vortexes, thus obtaining an “optimal” configuration. This key can permit him to fill his own matrix with energy, and the absorption of new spectra allows him to reinforce this spider’s web of connections that surrounds him.

Money is probably the easiest, the most natural and the most accessible means we have to accomplish our primary task, which is to widen our spectrum. Money is the key to thousands of doors permitting us access to new nuances in the configuration of our energetic cocoons. It opens these doors guided by man’s desire, and this desire is unlimited. The realization of this desire is only limited by one’s supply of energy and money. When man controls the opening and closing of these doors, he evolves, chooses and experiments. On the other hand, if the individual is not strong enough to maintain this control, the irreparable can happen at a given moment during this process. In this case the doors open in the other direction, pushed by the strength of the attraction of “things” (objects, persons, concepts…). These fluxes attack from all sides, and unable to withstand such energetic pressure, the person’s cocoon reacts in a chaotic fashion and the result is suffocation. The individual “drowns”, becomes infantile, powerless, and will be moved and acted upon by “things”, finally becoming their slave.

Having money is the hardest ordeal for man’s vortex, because through sentiments like avarice  or jealousy, it awakens his basest, most deeply hidden and most primitive energetic manifestations, revealing a very harsh energy. Money’s spectrum is the most dangerous there is because of its charm and because of the impossibility of controlling it, as it can very easily touch our most hidden wishes, awaken unknown desires, and give us access to them. Will we always be strong enough to main control of money, given that it can so easily be transformed into an object, and also given that acquisition immediately transforms our relationship with the acquired object and, as a consequence, our energetic environment.

The word is also a very powerful and universal key in the contact with others, constantly permitting us to establish energetic links. The word is an acoustical vibration that provokes a very precise energetic change, both for the speaker and the listener. With words the speaker creates an energetic bubble (transformed thought) and to receive this bubble, the listener must change his state, or he will not be able to hear it. In speaking we bring our energetic body closer to the resonances of others. Speech’s rhythm and sonority are very important, and thus a sentence pronounced by a great orator can have a magical influence because it is couched in a broader spectrum than if it were uttered by an ordinary person. Speech is an energetic clot similar to a crystal whose entire rich spectrum is perceived by an infant. But learning a language will gradually restrict the child’s open-minded consciousness. He will quickly learn that each word must be used to designate something precise and unique, and this will gradually limit his vision of the world. Soon he will see only a single ray, only one of the crystal’s facets. Under the influence of these limitations the crystal will soon “lose” its volume and its multiple facets.

From childhood on we are taught codes (these “incantations”, these rules repeated daily: “this is a cloud, this is a door, it’s cold so put on a sweater”), so that they are inscribed on our informational matrix, thus permitting our intentions and needs to be concretized in the material world (in an object, a situation, a conjuncture). We can thus associate and tie each object, situation or conjuncture to vibrations or to particular resonances. Little by little these links will modify and transform our energy, giving us the possibility to adapt ourselves to the outside world.

We are surrounded by a chaos of energy that boasts innumerable ties (fixed, temporary, created) through which each of us forms his vision of the world. And even though everyone’s perception is strictly personal, most energetic manifestations have a collective character, allowing people to create together a certain stable energetic structure. For example, as soon as we the inhabitants of a city we open our consciousness, we enter in contact with the sight of its streets, its trees, and its houses that form a whole in our minds. All those who live in the same environment create and maintain it in a well-defined state, strictly established by fine and material energetic connections. They teach newcomers to maintain the matrix as it is, and no individual can demolish this structure by himself.



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