Workshops of Victor and Marina Zalojnov 1996-2015

Every workshop of Victor and Marina Zalojnov is a discovery of new surprising information.

Theoretical explication is accompanied with physical exercises,  qi gong techniques and  corresponding meditations.

 It allows the students to relax and deepen their personal research and knowledge in the world of energy .

The workshops are open to everybody,  no matter  the level of experience in the field of energy work.


Themes of the workshops held in France from 1996 to 2015



26-27 May,  Trimurti

Presentation of Siberian shamanism. Traditions and rituals.


August 8-9, Paris

The concepts of energy and information. Extra homeopathy.

 Qi gong of a Hunter.
 Siberian rite of working with energy.


August 15-16, Paris

Development of Siberian shamanism.



April 15 - 29, Trimurti

The presentation of a Siberian qi gong. Multitude of forms and techniques


June 21-22, Paris

Types of energy


June 28-29, Paris

Methods to circulate energy


5-6 July, Paris

Energy sources


July 12-13, Paris

I Ching divination techniques, ability to predict the evolution, energy work


July 19-20, Paris

How the vibrations can transform the membranes and the organs in the body


July 26-27, Paris

The cocoons of the external energetic body. Their structure and their interconnections


August 2-3, Paris

Human life as a web of energy structures:  problems, desires and links that it establishes.


20-21 September, Paris

Egregores and the relationship that the man establishes with them.

 The types of egregores. Theosophy - a logical and an irrational basis of the contacts between the man and the egregores.


11-12 October, Paris

The karma of the  superpersonality and  the protonature, their influence on the fate.


November 8-9, Paris

Shamanism,  its roots in the Nature, in the nature of the man and his ancestors. The different types of shamanism.

6-7 December, Paris

The various possibilities of communication between the  superpersonality and different egregores. Transcendental meditation and qi gong



January 24-25, Paris

Genetic  roots.  Useful genetic links.

Qi gong of The Family Tree


February 14-15, Paris

Methods of the personal protection.

Importance of the relaxation, the purifying and the activation in the qi gong.

Qi gong releasing from the mental, psychological and animal fears.


March 7-8, Paris

Ritual, creating the the energo-informational matrix of our inner nature.

Various rites of qigong – a healing, magic and martial rites.


April 18-19, Paris

 Great  Masters of the egregores of China and Japan.

Peculiarities of master - disciple relationships in these cultures.


23-24 May, Paris

Great Masters of the egregores of India and America


30 May-9 June Matemalle

The ritual body.

Human ability to the energy and social contacts.


June 13-14, Paris

The Masters of the Christian egregores


July 12-17 Etourvy

The five facets of the Almighty One Pyramid.

The five primary elements -  absolute pyramid.


September 19-20, Paris

How to control the rate of energy flow  in the body for his return to health.


24-25 October, Paris

Creating the energy protection against the undesirable external energy influence.

Distribution of the protection levels  in the internal energy body


21-22 November, Paris

The movements of Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan influencing  the energy of physical and energetic body. The sense of feeling of  the organs and systems through the movements.

 Qi gong  "Rooting  tree,"

 Qi gong  "Buddha Statue",

Qi gong  " Sleeping Turtle "


12-13 December, Paris

Music. Vibration to regain health



January 23-24, Paris

The eye and its structure.

 The vision as a contact with information


February 21-22, Paris

The ear – as a gateway for the energy of the surrounding world.

Specificity of its construction.  

The methods of healing the body through the ear


March 20-21, Paris

The cell.

An independent system of utilization of the energy and information.

The cell's capacity to organize its surrounding.

Les ways of appearing of the physical body diseases


April 24-25, Paris

Physical stress and relaxation:   diagnosis and treatment method


7-16 May Vieux-Boucau

The nine levels of the human energy development


20-25 July Etourvy

The five systems of the human body .

 Their importance for healing and rejuvenation .


September 18-19, Paris

The brain - a source of energy development.

The specificity and significance of each area of ​​the brain


30-31 October, Paris

The skin like a drum for the Universe vibrations.

Feeling  the cosmic vibrations


November 20-21, Paris

Areas of the body influencing the internal systems and  inner processes.

 The balance of organs energy activity  


December 18-19, Paris

Our life in the world of odors.

Odor  - a sense  activating the thinking process.

 Development opportunities of smell



January 15-16, Paris

Nails - the mirror of the past from the future


19-20 February, Paris

Personal karma.

Its realization,  relief and change.

Structures dealing with the  karma 


March 25-26, Paris

Boundaries of the energy sensibility.

Variety of personal energy spectrums


2-8 April Montsegur

The main health problems that can be eliminated with the energy work


15-16 April, Paris

Construction of the first cocoon. Enhancing and increasing of energy sensitivity.


April 30 to May 10, Vieux-Boucau

Man and esoteric consciousness. The different types of man. The peculiarities of the constitution

July 11-16, Etourvy

Merging the three types of energy in the harmonious unity


16-17 September, Paris

The Feng Shui tradition and harmony of the objects surrounding man


14-15 October, Paris

Harmony of family and genetic relationships in Feng Shui


November 18-19, Paris

Feng Shui and the living conditions of modern man. Search for the beneficial resonance


16-17 December, Paris

The influence of Feng Shui on the  inner harmony of mind, body and consciousness



January 27-28, Paris

The role of art in the man's harmony.

Enrichment or impoverishment of human nature.


17-18 February, Paris

Feng Shui in love and sex


March 17-18, Paris

The nature and the man.

The Feng Shui of life seasons, of consciousness and creativity


21-22 April, Paris

Transformation of the art of Feng Shui.

Heritage of traditions of the energy culture


7-16 April Vieux-Boucau

The nine sources of health.

Vibration Qi gong.

Macrocosmic orbit of energy circulation in the twelve main meridians


July 1-8, Normandy

Energy and martial aspect of human development


22-28 July Etourvy

Three levels of human activity. Realization of material well-being, colors of sensations and emotions, mental awareness. Evolution of the personality.



20-28 April Vieux-Boucau

Energy activation and regulation of the interaction of the endocrine glands.

Slalom of gland activity harmonization


June Park Center

Different Chinese martial arts styles. Chang Quan, Mitzong Quan , Wing Chun, Xing Yi , Hung Ga.


20-26 July Etourvy

Psychic activity and qi gong. Functional recovery of nervous tissue



5-14 April Vieux-Boucau

The secrets of longevity in qi gong traditions.

Their reflect in the modern energy work.

Three Triangles of Longevity.

The different types of time. Abstract time, personal time, pure time.

The accumulation of time and its apply technique.


May 28-June 1, Finistère

Methods of rotation the energy around the axis of the fast channel.

Ba Gua style, principle of work with the energetic vortex


19-25 July Etourvy

The structures of personality and human nature


September 7-8, Paris

The course of Siberian Qi Gong Teacher training


12-13 October, Paris

The course of Siberian Qi Gong Teacher training


November 2-3, Paris

The course of Siberian Qi Gong Teacher training


December 21-22, Paris

The course of Siberian Qi Gong Teacher training




17-26 April Royan

The six levels of biotope.

The animals of Biotope, their connection with the different parts of the human protonature


May 1-2, Paris

The course of Siberian Qi Gong Teacher training


June 12-13, Paris

The course of Siberian Qi Gong Teacher training


17-23 June Etourvy

The strengthening of the health



14-19 January Ile de Ré

Autonomy and independence of filling the body with energy during the life and the human energetic activity.

The main parts of human nature. Extraordinary meridians.

Qi gong using the BaGua circle .


16-28 April Ile de Ré

Ancient Feng Shui techniques of health strengthening.

Regulation of the physical body functions.

 Nine archaic techniques of awakening the major body systems


June 26 to July 2 Ile de Ré

Synthesis of different parts of the nature.  Their interaction and mutual assistance.

The Nine Palaces and Eight Axes


16-21 December Ile de Ré

Preparing for the New Year feast.

Seven Dragons Qigong.

Ancient techniques to soften the shock of between the objectives changes and subjective inertia of the process.

Wine Ritual


18-23 April Ile de Ré

Sources of filling and control the physical and mental health. Sacred Dings.

The old daoists' pearl game technique.

Qi gong of Lightning Launcher


23-29 September Trimurti

Manipulation of energy in BaGua. The Python sequence.

Swinging the Sacred Colon


10-17 December Sologne

Purifyinf of the physical body tissues by energetic resonance. Different kinds of membranes and tissues of the body.  The possibilities of influencing on them.



7-14 April Oléron

The Taoist art of encouraging the life skills of the physical body.

The four forms of static taoist Qi Gong of inner force.

Body resurrection technique


June 25-July 2, Paris

The Galactic Ray. Its positive and negative influences on the body, psychology and consciousness


10-17 November Marelles

Physical and energetic aspect of the man's nature.

 Qi gong "The Immortal trains his dragon."

Three types of human



January 25-27, Paris

Solar shamanism. Luminous body.


March 15-17, Paris

Lunar shamanism.

The martial, ritual and biotope bodies.


June 28 to July 8 Seignosse

Stellar shamanism.

Energetic aspect of the sequence  "The Immortal trains his dragon." Martial technique "Dancing Cobras".


September 22-24 Sète

Creating the Energy Monad in the physical body.

 Sequence of Eight Animals of BaGua


01-02 November Paris

Detailed review of the structure of the Lower Dan Tian



03-04 January Paris

Detailed review of the structure of the Middle Dan Tian


February 28 to March 1, Paris

Detailed review of the structure of the Upper Dan Tian


25-26 April, Paris

Upper and lower energetic centers of the first cocoon and their interaction.

 The possibilities to influence their work


June 27-July 3 Vieux- Boucau

The control of the Jade Gates in the energetic process.

Tai Chi Chuan of the White Dragon.

 Qi gong of the dilution in the ocean's energy


October 24 to October 29 Ile d'Oléron

Energetic and martial aspect in the sequence of the White Dragon


December 19 to December 20 Ile-de-France

The five elements in contact with the Galactic Ray



June 26 to July 2 Seignosse

Triple Energetic Fireworks. Activation of the stem cells in the morula, blastula and gastrula.


October 23, 2010 - October 29, 2010 More Ile de Ré

Three forms of energy influence on the stem cells formation.



12 February 2011 - 13 February 2011 Ile-de-France

The harmony of the body functions nourishing the work of stem cells .


June 25, 2011 - July 1, 2011 Capbreton

100th Workshop:

"The unknown in the known."

  • The unknown of the physical body.
  • The unknown of the energetic body.
  • The unknown of our existence.


15 October 2011 - 20 October 2011 Ile-de-France

The research of a new feeling


18 décembre 2011 - December 21, 2011 Ile de Ré

Training of the new year transition



07 April 2012 - 12 April 2012 Ile de Ré

The pleasure of being


June 30, 2012 - July 5, 2012 Seignosse

Creating the personal strength



March 23, 2013 - March 28, 2013 Ré Island

Health Alchemy - Stage 1


June 8, 2012 - June 13, 2012, the Ré

Health Alchemy - Stage 2


October 19, 2013 - October 24, 2013 Ré

Health Alchemy - Stage 3



March 22, 2014 - March 27,  Ré 

Qi Gong of the XXI century. Seminar 1.

 Accumulation of the vital force energy in the body


June 29, 2014 - July 4, 2014 Ré 

Qi Gong of the XXI century. Seminar 2.

 Managing of energy around and inside of the man in accordance with the surrounding energy


September 28, 2014 - September 30, 2017 Quillan, Languedoc-Roussillon

Qi Gong and shamanism. Increasing of the sensitivity in the contact with the outside energy of different qualities


October 25, 2014 - October 30, 2014 Ré Island

Qi Gong of the XXI century. Seminar 3.

Development of the internal and external capacities of the man.



Xin Yi Training 

February 28 to March 5, Ile de Ré

The Ray of Health

The direction of the energy impulse according to the constitution of the body.

The joints like the locks that limit and regulate the energy flow.

The exchange of energetic impulse between the inner energetic body and the membrane of the first cocoon.

Energetic breathing where the inspiration and expiration regulate the releasing of the tissues , centers and cells.

Xin Yi - the energy impulse technique.


Future workshops


Workshops on "Xin Yi"
24-31 March 2018

Ile de Ré, France

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