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Zhen Paï and Siberien Qigong

A synthesis of diverse Energy Arts with Chinese Qi Gong and Taoist traditions

Its principal idea is to enhance the capacity to feel the energy that is present in each one of us, so that manipulating all its diversity becomes evident and clear, almost material.

To feel, to distinguish and to develop the energy within and outside of the body,as well as in nature that surrounds us.To use it for your health and for your personal development. 

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5. Energy and Information

What is behind these two notions, energy and information? If energy is a mass without form, its form is provided by information.  Information is an element without force - without energy. It is a passive element, but one which, as soon as it is linked with an appropriate energy spectrum, starts activating its capacities in order to give form toand to transform this energy. Thus there existsa perfect dialectic rapport between them.


Why is each leaf of a tree unique?  Why is it impossible to find two identical leaves, even though they have the same genetic code? The genetic code is inscribed in the seed and will produce a trunk, branches, leaves… and each leaf will begin living its own life, encountering different spectra of energy outside itself.  No leaf is similar to its neighbor (neither by the number of its cells, nor by its form or color): the volume and the spectra of their energy are different, and this difference is precisely informational. Information, inscribed on the matrix of the “object,” gives a unique construction, or realization, to all energetic levels and spectra.

            As humans, the genetic code is the basis from which we develop, and with the “general” information written on our energo-informational matrix, we then construct all the other parts of our external energetic body and of our nature.


Information and energy during a human being’s development

A clot of information isat the originof each human’slife.  Two tightly wound genetic spirals(one paternal,one maternal) meetwithin the energetic cloud of the mother. As soon as this encounter takes place, the clot thus formed attracts the energy necessary to realize its information.  At about three months, a third spiral, that of the personality (the soul) arrives and fuses with the first two.The spirals consist of successive informational layers, and as they begin to absorb energy, they deploy their spires progressively, accumulating energy and forming the physical body.


The fetus, which forms using the mother’s energy, will at first have the same energetic spectrum as the mother’s. But later, as the child’s exterior energy body develops, this will gradually change. Thus after birth, the spires, continuing to unfurl, attract a spectrum of energy that gradually starts differentiating itself from that of the mother.  Next, when the psychological envelopes open, the child will start to need a harsher energy, that of the father and other relations, for example, until the time when the mental envelopes start to develop.  The parents then become annoying.  The child begins to need energy that is not connected to the family.  As the parents are energetically closer to the child’s first and second cocoons, they spontaneously provoke the activation of these cocoons, thus refraining the child from continuing his development.He willhave difficulty opening his third cocoons, unless he distances himself from his parents. This period corresponds to adolescence, which often involves a crisis.

(Exceptions do exist,when the parents themselves continue to develop, thus maintaining their child’s interest andsatisfying the need for exchange, each with his own respective spectra of energy and information. Thesecases,however, are rare.)


An individual’s intellectual capacities, his intelligence, rapidity of reflection, or inversely, his lack of comprehension, are the result of the fusion between energy and information in the mental envelopes.As the individual’s exterior energy body develops, the energy it attracts from the outside will gradually separate the different cocoons, and the information of their membranes, originally present in block form (or in very tight spirals) will become more and more available for use.An individual’s basic resources depend on the informational clots of both the personal and the genetic spirals.



If the force of the personal spiral depends on its structure of origin (See the following chapter), the strength of the genetic spiral depends on the parents’condition --on the relationship between the parents’ information and energy when the child is conceived.  The baby inherits the strongest, most active part of his parents’ constitution at the moment of conception.If they are over thirty, for example, the parents are in the process of opening their outer cocoons.  At that moment their physical and psychological envelopes are more and more passive with regard to exterior energy, since they are involved in the realization of all the information already contained within them.  Thus the child will inherit a lack of physical and psychological energy, but will inherit great mental force.On the other hand, if the parents are younger, they will give greater physical and psychological stability to their child.  These are generalizations, of course, and each case is different.


The process of realizing information

The deployment and the realization of the basic potential of the genetic and personal spirals is linked to several factors.  Like a seed planted in the ground, what grows depends on:


1. Its predestination:  the nature of the seed, which will produce eithera tree, an herb, a vegetable, or wheat.With humans, this varies according to the mission with which the person was born, as determined by the egregores (See the next chapter).


2. Its vital qualities,along with its genetic specificities: for instance, a defective seed cannot produce a strong plant; or there may be simplya question of characteristics, such as whether or not the hair is red.


3. Environmental conditions or the quality of the soil:  if one plants a seed in rich and fertile earth, or in poor and sandy soil, the result will be different. A cactus grows better in sand, potatoes in humus, etc.The process is the same with humans.  The constitution of the child depends on the country, the family into which it is born and the manner in which it was plannedfor or desired, etc.


4.  The future development of the seed also depends on the complexity of its informational layers, the level of information that has been introduced and the energy that this informational knot can retain.


At first, as we have seen, the initial informational clot or thrombus absorbs energy, but each informational layer can only adapt as much energy as it can retain. For information, in order to be realized and activated, must attract only the energy that exactly corresponds to it. (Each of uspossesses a spectrum or diapason within which the active fusion energy/information operates, and each spectrum can only accept the energy it succeeds in retaining.)


All the informational layers are not realized simultaneously.  This process takes place throughout the person’s life, like innumerable small drawers opened and closed, one after another. Each of these drawers contains a part of our information, and depending on the surrounding energy, certain drawers will remain open a very long time, others much more fleetingly and some will never be opened.


 Our nature pushes us to poke our head out of our shell. It motivates us to open these drawers to verify, test andsubject our information to contact with daily, current information. This is so that the portion of information that we can or doopen, thus tested, can correct, rectify, deform or even destroy the “general” information that is inscribed on our energo-informational matrix.  As we have seen, if in the course of the development of the individual’s exterior energy body(that is, the process of separation of the envelopes and the gradual liberation of the accompanying information), the individual is subjected to harsh influences or interventions from the outside,due to different situations the he or she has experienced, a deformation of the informational chain can occur.This deformation will provoke the appearance of zones “glued” together, between which energy can no longer circulate, or of folds that alter the information’s realization.  This often happenswith layers of the psychological body and less frequently with the physical body. [ Why? Because of the great mobility and vulnerability of the psychological cocoons; and also because, although society aspires to protect individuals from physical stress and trauma, it either pays little attention to psychological traumas, or itis powerlessto act upon them. ]

During this opening process, or afterwards, the suitcase or drawer containing newly acquired energy begins in turn to attract new information: the energetic spectrum evolves and can thus retain another level of information.


            Through his informational centers man gathers information from the outside world and gradually adapts it for himself. The information thus accumulated then seeks new energy, etc.   This process is similar toweighing scales, on which the needle moves from left to right and from right to left. 


            The basic reservoir of information is in one bowl and provides a counterweight to the other bowl, which is full of energy from around us. If the spectrum of energy is rich, it attracts an equally rich spectrum of information, and vice versa.  See figure 5-2


Let’s say that with his initial and his acquired stock ofenergy and information,a man has started energy work such as Qigong.  He learns the basics and discovers how toaccumulate energy. He will first replace any missing energy, and then he will build up a reserve of energy.  This reserve will in turn call formore information; he will then read, research, meditateand accumulate information, which will require energy for its realization.  A new informational spiral will be created, then a new spiral of energy, etc., and the person’s spectrum will continue to expand, becoming more and more valuable to the superior structures (see the following chapter).

The most active of the layers of information and energy with which we are able to work expand progressively with our efforts. They enhanceourformerlevel with additional energy and information, and they also permit the awareness of sectors that we were previously unable to perceive, thus opening new horizons.We must not forget, however, that quite often we search outside ourselves for information that we already possess.  Thus we waste much time and energy reading and listening, while all we would really need to do is look for the energy already present within ourselves that would open this information.

If theindividual’s reserves of energy augment, he can then acquire more information, adapt it and make better use of it, thus widening his perspectives.

Often, though, it is impossible for a person to adapt a particularlayer of information, because his spectrum is limited by his own specificity(his filing cabinet does not contain the necessary drawers). If an individual’s spectrum is narrow, he will not be able to receive information.  All of us have already found ourselvesin situations where we think, “I don’t understand a thing,” “I’m not interested in that”, etc. This is what happens when we can only adapt certain layers of our energy and information.


Thus, for example, dreamers, painters, musicians and poets are very much at ease in the lighter layers of energy,while they are often very uncomfortable in society.  They simply do not have an energetic spectrum capable of adapting the harsh information that is social life. On the contrary, people who feel at ease in society often lack imagination and are incapable of being interested in anything other than the concrete.


Those who are capable of combining these two aspects are few and far between. They possess a very wide amplitude of energy and information,which they are able to fuse,easily adapting one to the other.The rhythm of their scales’ needle is regular.  Theyhave a very large capability of expansion, and they are well balanced. This is an ideal development: more frequently one of the bowls is heavier than the other.


The degree of adaptation of information/energy thus depends on the energo-informational level at which the individual is operating (that is, on his proficiency in using energy and information), and this level changes throughout the course of his/her life.


The information present in this book will be perceived differently by each person, with comprehension varying from O to 100%.  This figure of 100% is relative, because an individual who takes in all the information will envelop it with energy, and immediately he will begin mentally developing what he perceives, transforming it. By adding his information he perpetuates the mental chain and thus it continues to infinity.  The percentage will then be closer to 120%.


Information first touches the short-term memory, and if we do not possess the corresponding energy, the information disappears without leaving a trace. But if we envelop it with energy, the information thus realized is transferred into long-term memory.


The influence of the relationship information/energy on our bodies.

Each of us works continuously with energy and information. A large flux of information received and filtered by our informational centers is diffusedwithin our body’s internal and external energetic structures, and the energy that we absorb is propagatedin correlation with this information. These two processes form our physical appearance and our general state. They are concomitant: if the information changes, the distribution of energy also changes, and with it, the structure of our envelopes, as well as our outward appearance.  This mechanism operates at different speeds.  Certain aspects change explosively, others very slowly, and still others rather quickly and permanently,. Everything depends on the speed at which the energy and information adapt to each other, but also on the flexibility of the envelopes and their membranes.  If they are very dirty, with negative energy (whose information is destructive for us), the envelopes become rigid, losing their elasticity, and it becomes difficult to induce them to change. (To avoid this we must know or learn how to clean our physical and energy bodies.)

In the course of our twenty-four hour day, the equilibrium between energy and information changes several times. This is linked to the changing direction of the tourbillon of energy contained in the cocoons surrounding our physical body.

Thanks to this direction, we can define what predominates at a given moment. If the individual’s tourbillon turns counter-clockwise (looking at the person from above), he/she attracts energy from the energetic centers of the Lower Channel.  In the opposite direction, he/she attracts information from the centers of the Upper Channel. 

And in a more prosaic, more concrete fashion, the functioning of the energo-informational mechanism

            In a qigong group working with energy, the sensations and reactions of each participant will be completely different from one another, depending on their interior states. When the group works with a certain energetic flux, each person absorbs that which he/she needs at that precise moment. No one can absorb the entire energetic spectrum, nor the entire informational spectrum of this flux.  Since we are all limited in different ways,  that would be  impossible (and unnecessary). Effectively each person has his/her individual task, differing according to his/her general state and the present instant. One participant needs energy, and the energy of this flux, uniting with his excess internal information, will provoke certain images, sensations…. Another will absorb the information of this flux and with it will “realize” his energy.  For a third person, as he absorbs part of the flux, his physical body will react either with pain or pleasant sensations, while a fourth person will react psychologically, with tears, beatitude or an internal scream. But the energetic flux can also pass unnoticed, if the participant doesn’t need it.

            The adaptation, that is, the fusion or the harmonization of energy and information, takes place more efficiently during sleep.Constantly needing to sleep often indicates that one has not had the time necessary for realizing or “neutralizing” the acquired information (or that one has not managed to do it).  Conversely, if importunate thoughts appear, keeping us from sleeping, this signifies that either that the spectrum of energy capable of adapting this information is lacking (in this case, physical exercise is generally helpful), or that we have a surplus of energy that requires information, (in this case we start reading … and we end up falling asleep).

            We could give numerous examples of the interaction between energy and information. Our world is one of energy that takes on forms determined by information.






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